Friday, September 16, 2005

Keira Knightley is Watching You

Doe-eyed British actress Keira Knightley knows firsthand about being the celebrity deer in the headlights thanks to constant paparazzi and tabloid reporters interested in her every move. It’s the cliche price of stardom. But turnabout is fun play. So Knightley and a posse of pals accompanying her to Toronto start her first morning interview with the playful prank of staring out their hotel room window and spying on a woman in her apartment in a nearby building. Before speaking with enthusiasm about playing Elizabeth “Lizzie” Bennet, the female heroine of director Joe Wright’s lush adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, Knightley wants to have fun.

Asked if it feels good for someone watched to become the watcher, Knightley laughs hard.

“Absolutely,” she says, eyeballing the woman’s breakfast routine. “It’s only fair that I get watch too.”