Thursday, September 15, 2005

Pierce Brosnan: Standing Out of Bond’s Shadow

Photographers gather outside the window of the Toronto hotel bar where actor Pierce Brosnan sits for interviews on his latest film, the sharp, comical hit-man tale, The Matador.

Brosnan remains in the news thanks to continuing speculation about his long-running role as iconic British spy James Bond but he has another film to talk about.

“The door is slowly closing because people keep asking me about it.” Brosnan says. “Until someone like Daniel Craig steps in or until someone like whomever the next man is or until they ask me back the story is till open. For me it’s unfinished business and we might get to stand there again.”

The breaking news today is that Brosnan gives the best performance of his career as lowlife assassin Julian Noble, the booze-soaked, sex-obsessed killer at the center of first-time director Richard Shepard’s exhilarating film. Audience response to The Matador has been positive since the film debuted at Sundance earlier this year. Toronto audiences continue the momentum.

Brosnan looks dapper this afternoon but sports a beard and mustache that’s worlds apart from the clean-shaven Bond.

If Brosnan wants to remind people of his range as an actor and his ability to have a long and successful post-Bond acting career, then The Matador is as good as it gets.

For the time being, The Matador is where he stands.

“It’s a good one,” he says laughing. “It’s a good place to stand.”


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